Gabi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to New York City with her parents at the age of six months.

Robert is a fifth generation Californian, born in Los Angeles, who has seldom returned to that great city since moving to San Diego at the age of two years.

Starting from opposite corners of the country, we both wandered far and wide until independently ending up in the San Francisco Bay Area where we ultimately discovered each other and our common love of the outdoors and travel.

Cycle Across America Factoids

Cycle across America starting point: Redwood City, California
Cycle across America destination: New York, New York
Estimated Total Miles: 4200
Actual Miles: 3970
Total Days: 74
Riding Days: 64
Best Meal: Blue Point Grille, Cleveland, OH


We started this site as a way to chronicle a big bicycling trip we wanted to do. We thought it would be a great way to share our experience with friends, family and random web surfers. Over time the simple web site that Gabrielle envisioned, has taken on a life of its own. We have learned a lot along the way.

After looking into various web publishing technologies, we decided to build our site initial on pMachine. It is the most flexible, fastest, coolest web publishing platform out there. We loved it. Image editing was done using Photo Impact. This is a truly amazing image editing tool with most of the features of products costing way more.

Recently, we moved the site to WordPress and the photos to Flickr where they live today.

And most importantly, we ride a Burley Samba Softride.


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