Yee-Ha!!! A Waterslide

Chanute Kansas has one of the best public pools we have ever seen. And a great waterslide too.

Day 40: Eureka to Chanute
63 miles

This was the prettiest day in Kansas yet. We encountered trees, hills, rich pastureland and even a lake. We hit two real hills today and had to drop into the granny gear for the first time in over a week. And what goes up must come down. Yee-haaa!

Along the way we bumped into a Scotsman and an Irishman cycling across the USA heading west. They raved about the pool in Chanute we were heading that day. They said it was the best pool they had ever seen and … IT HAS A WATERSLIDE!!!

The thought of an afternoon at the pool pumped us up and we made it to Chanute in no time. We checked in, showered and jumped on the bike in search of food and the pool. After an OK lunch we set out for the pool. We were not disappointed. It was a very hot day and there were a lot of kids at the pool. The pool is huge and the water clear. And there at the far side, in the deep end, stands the water slide. It is big, about 30 feet high with four hairpin turns. Yeeee-haaaaa! We must have gone down that slide twenty times.

That night, back at the hotel, we were treated to a great Kansas light show. A big thunderstorm brewed up in the west and rolled into Chanute shortly after sundown. It was a sight to see.


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