Off we go! San Francisco to NYC

5/31/2003 10:14 PM
Presidio Inn San Francisco

Yeah! We are on the road. After months of planning and training we are finally on the road. And what a great day to start! The weather was perfect cycling weather, mid 70s and sunny. Sunny in San Francisco on May 31! We’ll take that as a sign.

It is funny and very cool to be leaving on such an adventure right from our front door and spending the night in a city that is so familiar to us. One the one hand, we left the house today on a “normal” ride and ended up eating in one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in the city, La Marimba on Chestnut Street, just a few blocks from where I lived when Gabi and I got together.

But on the other hand, we know that tomorrow morning we will be heading East on a ferry to Vallejo and spending tomorrow night in Davis. Still familiar territory but every day we go further East, and pretty soon we will be in very unfamiliar territory indeed.

Today’s ride was great. Canada Rd. to Crystal Springs Trail to Skyline into San Francisco. Once into the city, along the Great Highway along Ocean Beach, then through Golden Gate park and the Presidio to Crissey field and the Marina. I wonder why we never have done this ride in the past?

We met a very nice couple by the bridge while we were getting a photo. The guy says “New York or bust!” as he walks past us. Gabi says, “well as a matter of fact, we are leaving for New York today”! Turns out they were from NYC and quite typically very outgoing and friendly folks.

Had a very nice send off from Ian, Beth and the girls too. They sent us off with homemade cookies and a bon voyage!


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