Update form Sacramento

Day 2:
Left San Francisco on the early ferry to Vallejo. At the dock we met a group of 25 people riding from SF to DC to raise awareness of poverty in America. We rode with them for a couple days. Getting off the ferry, we promptly made a wrong turn and ended up going about three miles and one large hill out of our way. It was unseasonably hot, over 100 degrees. Pleasant’s Valley road was the highlight of the day. That night we ended up in Davis, the first place where we wanted to move (we will find more J. Davis is extremely bike friendly and liberal, especially for a valley town. Lots of young people everywhere, great farmer’s market… Had a great pasta dinner at a place called Fuzio’s and we were set. We were drained from riding 70 miles in 100 degrees but happy.

Day 3: Davis to Folsom
The ride from Davis to Folsom was very nice. Davis to Sacramento isn’t such a nice ride but the route from Sacramento to Folsom follows the American river bicycle trail. This was my favorite ride when I used to live in Auburn and still is quite familiar. It was a good thing we started early because it was 104 degrees by the time we hit Folsom at 12:30. I guzzled two huge glasses of ice cold lemonade before lunch to feel normal again.


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