We made it! San Francisco to New York City

We made it! Yeeee-haaaa!! Four thousand miles. From The Golden Gate in San Francisco California to Battery Park Manhattan, New York.

OK, we did get to New York a little while ago, so we should apologize for not saying something sooner but once we got to New York we needed to do some serious “vegging out”. Nothing like a few days on the beach and a lot of home cooked meals and to help us readjust to life off the bicycle.

Now that have finished the trip, it is hard to believe that something that was such a huge part of our life for the past year is now over. With all of the training, the route planning, the shopping for gear, etc, etc, this has been our “purpose in life” for the past nine months. We are still kind of wondering what the next big thing will be. Hmm … Gabrielle keeps talking about riding from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg.

For those of you following us on our web site, we are sorry for not keeping up to date. After riding all day, day after day, it does get to a point where even the best riding becomes a bit of a grind. At some point (like when we hit Missouri) keeping up our site just became a lot of work. We really did intend to get it back up to date but … Oh well. We will post our photos and the rest of our journal soon.

We send our thanks and love to everyone for their encouragement, prayers, email and assorted good thoughts.